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The newest version of the Vid Mate smartphone software is called “VidMate 2013” and is basically an enhanced version of the existing VidMate 2013 download which can be downloaded from the Android Market. The biggest advantage with this new version is that it is capable of connecting to a worldwide Wifi network, and it can access a large library of TV channels such as the Amazon Video app.

It also integrates with Google Talk, which offers VoIP service for free on your Google Android smartphone. You can now videos live video to your TV or watch your favorite videos directly on your TV screen through the use of a standard Android browser. You can also check the latest trailers and TV shows on the internet using your inmate smartphone.

VidMate 2013 APK Download OLD Version

Apart from accessing the internet and watching live videos on your phone, you can also download videos from the internet and watch them on your television screen. To do this, you must have a working android device with the support of the “Gallery” application.

Once you install Vidmate 2013 app on your android device, you can find all the videos on the internet which are stored on different websites. You can visit any website where these videos are stored and you will get to see the videos on your television screen by simply clicking on the “watch” option present on the home screen. This option is available not only on the inmate but also on other popular apps.

Old version of the VidMate 2013 apk

To access the Vidmate 2013 APK and get to see the latest videos and videos on your television screen, you must first download the “VidMate 2013 Apk” which is capable of retrieving the old version of the VidMate 2013 apk.

By doing this, you will be able to continue using the old version of the inmate which is still hosted on the Google servers. The new version of the program however will be unable to run on your device since it requires a stable android operating system.

Videos from VidMate 2013

The reason why I am recommending to download videos from VidMate 2013 instead of other online video sites is because of the security that is provided by the inmate. You will not be able to view the videos until you have access to a computer with an internet connection. By having this type of assurance, you can be sure that your privacy will be protected. This is the main reason why I highly suggest VidMate 2013 for your personal computer.

Old version of the video player is to get the Vidmate 2013 Apk

The next step in the process of getting rid of the old version of the video player is to get the Vidmate 2013 Apk. Once you have located the appropriate application from the Google play store, you will be able to download it. This is a mobile application which is capable of functioning on both the android and the iOS devices. I would really recommend this application to everyone who is looking for the simplest and easiest way to transfer the files from their computer to their mobile device. By downloading the Vidmate 2013 Apk, you can get access to videos, games, music and other media files at any time and from any location.

LATEST VERSION OF Vidmate 2021 App Download

App NameVidmate 2021 Apk
Latest Version4.4903
Renovated On5th of May 2021
Size18.7 MegaBytes (MB)
Overall Downloads500 plus (+) Million
Overall Ratings4.7 out of 5
PrerequisiteAndroid 4.0 plus (+)

However, before you download Vidmate 2013 Apk, it would be better if you are going to check out the different features included in this software. This is important so that you will be able to determine whether this new version of the video downloading mobile app will work as well as the old version. If you are going to compare the features of the two, you will find that there are many differences. For example, the video player now provides a widget so that you can easily change the settings of the players and other features.

Since the old version of the video downloading mobile app required you to use a Java script to transfer the files, it was difficult to use and complicated to manage. But using the VidMate 2013 and video downloader, you will be able to enjoy watching your favorite videos without having to deal with the complicated technicalities. Another great feature of the inmate and video downloader is that it can automatically detect and copy the high-definition files into your android device. You do not have to worry about uploading or downloading the files because this software will handle all of these tasks for you.

VidMate 2013 – HD video downloader 4.5030 for Android

Final Words On VidMate 2013 Apk download

Even if you do not have an android device, you can still use the VidMate 2013 Apk to download videos to your computer. Just use the same download codes provided in the old version of the program. When you install the program on your computer, you will also be able to use the Widgets and the other features included in the new version of the video downloading mobile app. To download videos to your computer, all you need to do is to install the inmate 2021 Apk download free app video downloader.

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