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About Vedmata. VedMata App Download is an underground Gujarati hip-hop album released in 2021. There are actually a total of eighteen songs on this album. The title “Vedmata 2021” is taken from an old Hindu phrase meaning, ‘To serve the Lord’.

This album was recorded by none other than contextual musician Babu Joorthy. He also happens to be the brother of comedian-turned-actor turns Bharat Mankai and Kavin specia. This album is yet another example of what we call contextual rappers with an edge.

[OFFICIAL] VedMata App Download

This album is definitely worth checking out for any techno lovers out there. The style, the production values, the subject matter and more all works brilliantly. They have used modern samples and synthesizers along with traditional instruments to create something truly unique and it’s obvious that they have put lots of thought, effort and dedication into their work.

It’s not like other albums where you’re expected to sit back and relax. Vedmata is a roller coaster ride. The beats are thumping and don’t let you rest for a moment. Just listen to the first few seconds and then again… You’ll hear it again.

Vedmata 2018

The main theme of Vedmata 2018 revolves around religion and the narration goes about how Lord Krishna performed many miracles and became the son of God. However, there are no references to any divine beings or other religious themes. I guess that’s the brilliance of the lyrics. It doesn’t matter what the subject is but the lyrics are based on pure spirituality and the message is spread with equal doses of humanity.

Vedmata 2021

One good thing about Vedmata is that, it doesn’t try to be mainvideos. I guess that’s the beauty of underground music and this album certainly falls under that category. I think that albums that have Christian messages fall into that category but as I said earlier, this isn’t one of them. It’s an honest and open album and that’s what matters in an album.

The production of this album is fantastic too. The production style is very chill and mellow, which fits the rest of the music. That’s probably one of the best attributes of Vedmata, its simplicity. It’s not trying to be something it’s not and it doesn’t try to be a mainvideos sort of album either.

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Renovated On5th of May 2021
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Overall Ratings4.7 out of 5
PrerequisiteAndroid 4.0 plus (+)

Overall, I’d say that Vedmata Download is yet another masterpiece from guitarist Art Bell. The simple and honest lyrics are enough to make you want to listen to this album again. As I’ve mentioned above, it’s not trying to be anything else but and the simplicity of the music is what really draws me in. Bell has gone from being a very popular and influential Australian guitar player to a true master of the instrument.

I particularly like the jazz influenced guitar work on this album. The album is mostly played at a fast pace with bell’s gentle lead notes guiding the way. The complexity starts to build towards the end with soaring solos by Bell. This sort of music is perfect for him because he can let loose on it without feeling lost in his own playing.

Bell has a couple of standout songs on this album, “Love’s Burning” which is an interesting and catchy tune and “Where Have All The Flowers Gone” which is more of a ballad. I really liked both of these songs. He also did a fantastic job of covering Cezanne’s “Le Conseil en Rose” on this album.

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Vedmata APK Download

The biggest knock on Vedmata APK is that it doesn’t have the diversity of previous Bell albums. The guitar work on this album is a bit less varied and some of the tracks just don’t work for me (though I’m sure others will find it pleasant). The main theme is still upbeat but I think Bell could try to make this more diverse if he had more free time. The songs on this album are all good, though.

Overall, I’d recommend this album to anyone looking for a solid classical work with a great live performance from Bell. If you’re into old-school Jazz, this record is a great listen. Meditate on it.

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