Unique Android Applications to Make Videos from Front & Back Camera with One-click

Hello friends welcome to our you tube channel crazy video and in this video I have 2 amazing applications for you and both applications are really really amazing and unique Jewish children like so without wasting any time last October so why do unit 1011 press the bell icon. Any technical. Now let’s talk about the first application and the application name is flip cam video recorder.

yes this is an amazing application let me tell you how this application properly what for you put it down on this application open up your phone camera now most of the time you have seen that when you start recording something with your phone camera either you can even be recorded from your back from the front but with this application.

you can able to do that according to from your front and the back at the same time yes right now you can see this one this is the interface which in the beginning of this application here on the top you will be getting the flashlight and these are the settings which you can do with this application as well now first of all.

let me show you how this would probably be best for you you have to just start the recording from here the rate I can click on this one but according having started now with the back end now let’s suppose if you want to shoot from your up front camera so immediately in between the call recording you can press the side on the front camera icon and this recording will start taking it from the front camera and your garden will not get stops it is on the top the recording is still going on and you can change your phone camera any point of time. 

This is a unique thing of this application that is the only you would find it in this application with this I can you can also zoom in and what’s your recording has been done you will be getting your voting here you can click on this one and this is a recording which record and if you see here this is the front camera this is the back camera at the same time you could have the board approved it according with one camera so this application has a unique feature you should try this one this will really really amazing and many useful as well.

now let’s talk about the second application in the second application in my list is that his long shot floor long speech ought yes this is also an amazing application and you will surely like it simply open this application and allow all the permission to this application and then check the first option that is also strong and then click on okay and allow this application all the permission what exactly this application going to do for you with this application.

you can even the big the big and long screen short with one click normally when you try to take any screenshot mentally it has a limit of this fate this is the only screen charters can be bored with this application you’ve been able to take the long screen shot how you can do that simply have to click on this icon here the new one and then when you click on this one click on start now and then on your screen you would be getting to auction at the start and now let’s ability if I go to the Google chrome here I want to take the screenshot of this whole debate what exactly.

I need to do I have to click on this start and then press this one here and then there is a red line so magically comes in there and it will automatically start taking the screenshot of my PC this the screenshot has been taken by this application automatically and it will automatically get save here as well to this this is a screenshot which I got here and your card will be ready here this is the screenshot which is being ready here and it’s a big screen shortly take Oct which I can able to share it with anybody to stay within my phone as well and I can even.

 So this application is also really really amazing you should but I pulled the application link you would be getting in the description of the application any questions simply comment below we will surely get back to you thank you thank you very much bye bye.

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