Two Secret Websites to Chat Online with Any Strangers Without Any Login

Hello friends welcome to our youtube channel crazy video and in this video i have two amazing and very useful websites for you which are very very important for everyone in their daily life and trust me you will surely like it so without wasting any time.

let’s start the video subscribe to our youtube channel and press the bell icon and do not miss any technical video every day now the first website which i have right now in my list is that is receive yes this is an amazing and very useful website with this website what exactly you can do you can get a temporary number for your phone yes most of the time you have seen where you download any application or you go to any website sometime you have to give your personal number to anyone where you don’t want to give your personal number.

so that point of time you can come to this website and you will be getting your phone number series these all are the phone numbers which are available right now with different countries this is of united states this is of germany and this is of these are the premium numbers but these all are the free numbers which you can use you can simply click on open and open it and it will be come up like this this is the phone number you can see.

this one this is the phone number that’s 7428 something like that and you can give this number anywhere to get your otp if you register somewhere on any application or any website you can give this number and you will be getting your otp on this website and here all these messages on the bottom you will be getting all these messages one by one.

if you have entered your phone number anywhere you will be getting all the otp or any messages which you are looking for you can check it here as well you can simply click on this update messages and the moment you click on this one it will automatically update your messages with your phone number i would also suggest you do not use this number in your any financial any important place because these messages can be seen by everybody so this is an amazing website you should try this one if you are looking for a temporary number.

now let’s talk about the second website and the second website is also really really amazing and you can able to spend your spare time on this website and the website name which i have that is talk to yes on this website when you come here you can able to talk with anyone online without registration without giving your name or anything simply.

you have to click on this talk and then you will be reaching on this chat room this is the chat room here you can you just have to say here hi and after that we’ll be start chatting with any of the unknown person or online and you can able to share your thoughts with that person and that looks really really amazing and not only this this website also has so many of things like you.

it also has a chat room where you can able to select what kind of chat you are looking for and how many people are there and what kind of chatting they are doing on this chat room so you can select here and on the bottom you will be getting so many of options here where you can able to chat with other people and on the top on the right side you will be getting three options.

here click on this one and then you will be getting these are the options also there that’s the chat room you can click on this one and these all are the chat rooms.

where you can able to enter and you can able to make friends and you can able to talk to the stranger and these people will be from different countries from different languages so this will be really really amazing if you love to chat online and if you are looking for good friends online then this website is really really amazing you should try this one.

let’s chat with stranger i will be putting the link of both the website in the google you can check it from there any question related to this simply comment below and we will surely get back to you thank you thank you very much bye.

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