Two Secret Android Applications Which Almost Youtuber do not Know

Hello friends welcome to our YouTube channel greasy video and in this video I have 2 amazing and secret application which you would surely like it this is a feature of these applications are totally amazing so I’m gonna tell you how this works without wasting any time.

let’s start the video about the first application in my list is that is Dutch block block screen touch your full screen width 40 get block nothing will move on your phone screen and everybody will get surprised let me tell you how this application will simply just open this application and allow all the permission and then you have to enable this application from the top you have to just to click on the settings.

and you will be getting all the settings which are very very important to make this application properly done I’m gonna tell you how this would work first of all simply just have to go out of this one and from the top you have to scroll down and then you would be getting an option. Click on this one and your screen.

we get to see this this is totally blocked nothing is working right now everything is slow I won’t be able to move anything but there is a lock on the screen which you have to hold it down any please get unlock now how you can able to hide just lock as well simply go to the application you have to turn on the.

Hyde unblock my good and then you have to scroll it down again here there you have to press this will impress hello click on this one and then here you have to press at times and then you have to come out of this when your work is done just cut it down from the top but is this natural color and this time your lock icon will not come to this.

that is localized couldn and nothing will be working everything is logged on your screen it is poor people now to unlock this one press your will you keep 2 dimes up or down anything and if we get. It is it is being done right now it is working fine hi this application this application is really really amazing.

let’s talk about the second application in the second application in my list is that is shake me yes this application is also really amazing simply open this application and you will get this interface this is how you will be getting this application here you have to click on this selective application and then you have to select any application from here that’s a bold if I select here you too.

so I’m going to select your YouTube and then I can come out of this one now what exactly this application going to do I just have to shake my form like this. And my you do will automatically open up right in front of me see this I did not open it but it is open right now in front of me and I can able to visit and not only this.

if I go back to this application again and there is one more option you will be getting here which is you have to click on this 3 lines go to the camera flashlight click on this one and not allow the permissions and then you have to plug in here go to the settings and you have to chic and sensitivity only for one or 2 anything you can select here and then come out of this one.

now whenever you shake your form like this your coach will get automatically done on cities and check it again it is turned off check it again it is off shake it again it is turned off.

so this application is really really amazing well done on the flashlight to open any application just by shaking it and other person your friend your girlfriend we get surprised to see your style to open any application .

so you can impress your girlfriend or anyone just by checking your form and this looks really really amazing as well so prideful d’application league would be getting in the description any question related to this simply comment below and eventually get back to you thank you thank you very much.

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