Two New Insane Android Applications No One has Seen Before

Hello friends welcome to all you have general greasy video and in this video I have 2 amazing and insane applications for you and for us we will show you like both applications because both are really really amazing soul without wasting any time left on the video subscribe to our YouTube channel and press the button.

I couldn’t handle is video of the day the first application in my list is that is really a compressor ponder resize and compress videos yes this is an amazing application simply just click on open and open this application and everything come up like this you would be getting all your videos.

which are there in your phone right in front of you see this 1 these are the videos which are already there in my phone not when exactly this will do for you most of the time we have seen that you want to share it across but any video online on what 7 threes will because of their size .

the size of the review is waiting based you won’t be able to share it but with this application you can able to resize that application you can compress that application in a very small size and you’ve been able to easily share it online I’m gonna tell you how this would work for you.

now here I have see I have so many videos you can see this 1 this is 1.2 giga byte size of the video this is 675 so you’ve been able to compress any of the video I’m going to do 1 thing I’m gonna click on this 1 here which is 2:41 AM B. size and I’m gonna pick on this next I will be getting some options here that what would be the reason to compressed files so I want to share this file.

so I have to select the first 1 and then click on this compressed the moment you can compress it will start compressing video you can see on the bottom it will take sometime to compress your for video it’s a big site 2:41 AM size video it will be very small size so you get able to should not have to go.

now you see this 1 it has been done right now and this file has been compressed right now from 241 and we do well let me see this 1 that is really really amazing and now I can able to share this with you anywhere online on whats app 1 phase. 

Book anywhere so I’m gonna click on this **** here and select what’s up and send it on what’s up like this it is now it is going to say this the video has been gone now if it would be to 41 M. B. flight I won’t be able to trust with this one so this application is really really amazing you should like this application you will be getting in the description.

now let’s talk about the second application in the second application in my list is that is unit wasn’t coffee yes this is an amazing application let me open this application let me show you how this application will for you now when you.

open this application it will become like this you have to just acting weird this application from here now let me tell you what exactly this application going to do for you most of the time you have seen that there are some web pages there are some places where we won’t be able to. 

From our form or from any website but if you have this application you’re gonna need to copy everything from anyway let me give an example here let’s suppose if I go to my what’s up here and then if I tried to copy disk option that’s a message this when the yellow one I tried to call this one.

I want to get an option to copy this into this I am holding it down but I’m not getting any option to copy this one so but I have this applications or what I need to do I just need to scroll it down and here on the bottom.

I will be getting an optional for universal copy this one I have to just click on this one and this board will automatically get activated now it is now it is blue right now now the universal copy application actuators I can call anything from this page I can hold this one down and then I got an option here to call me.

I can come out of this one and then I can even do it here and then send it to anyone this is the same message I can able to send it by copying this one so there are so many web pages there are so many of things where you won’t be able to copy but try this application then you can able to copy everything.

so I hope the board that locations are very useful for you and usually like a linkable devolution you would be getting in the description any question simply comment below and eventually get back to you thank you thank you very much bye bye.

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