Turn On These 5 Important Settings of Your Android Phone

Hello, friends welcome to our youtube channel crazy video and in this video, i have five amazing tips and tricks for android phones, yes and all of them are really really amazing so without wasting any time let’s start the video now the first week.

which i have right now of google play store we know that the google play store is a gateway from here all the applications come into your phone but do you know that is there any application that is harmful to you in your phone then you can check it here.

simply click on this place protect and then you have to click on this scan the moment you click on the scan it will automatically scan the whole phone and all the applications which are there in your phone and let you know if there is any application.

which is harmful in your phone so do it right now you can see this one it is there is no harmful application right now and you can click on this setting as well on the top and then you have to make sure both these options should be turned on if it is turned off make it turn on right now to make it safe and secure.

now the next trick is also of google play store and that is really really amazing if you have more than one two or three email address which you have integrated on your android phone you can able to change it very easily simply you have to swipe it down and it will get changed you have to swipe it down it will get changed.

it will get changed every time when you swipe it down you don’t need to click them you don’t need to click on this email and select any one of them no there is a simple way simply just swipe it down and you can able to change them very easily.

now let’s talk about the third trick and the third trick is related to your email address most of the time we have seen that we log into our email address on some other devices but we forget to log out which is very very important as well so for that you can check it where exactly you are login right now on your phone simply have to go to your google.com on your phone and then you have to follow click on this photo and here you will be getting.

so many offer email addresses you have to click on your manage your google account and here on the top you have to select here security and in security scroll it down you will be getting an option of your devices click on this one and these all are the devices where you are logging right down so if you recognize them then you can keep it.

if you do not recognize them simply click on them and then you can able to sign out from these devices straight away so this is the way how you can able to know where exactly you are login right now without your permission so try this trick as well this is also very very important now the next trick which i have that is also of google chrome which is very very important nowadays.

so simply just have to open your google chrome again you have to click on this three lines which is on the right side of the top click on this setting and in setting you have to scroll it down and then you will be getting an option of light mode on the bottom and you have to make it turn it on.

what exactly this will do this will save a lot of data whenever you open any website any heavy website anything you download on your phone then there are some kind of data is being used by the google chrome but if you turn it this one on that’s a light mode you will be saving a lots of data on your phone series these are the site which i have open in my phone recently and i have saved.

so many of data in my phone see this which is very very useful as well if you have a limited data in your phone so you should try this one and make it turn it on right now on your phone now the last week which i have that is also related to google chrome and here in the setting you have to click on this privacy and security and you have to click on this.

save browsing and make sure that your save browsing should be on an ends protection because whenever you download anything in your phone there is a possibility some kind of unwanted software some kind of infection try to come into your phone.

but if you have the enhanced protection on in your phone on google chrome there are very less chances that the infections and the virus or any kind of unwanted software try to come into your phone your google chrome will automatically block them if you have turned this setting on .

so these are the important five settings i have right now for you i hope you like all of them make it turn it on right now any question related to this simply comment below and we will surely get back to you thank you thank you very much bye.

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