Three New & Amazing Tricks of WhatsApp Which No One Know

Hello friends welcome to our youtube channel crazy video and in this video i have three amazing whatsapp tricks for you and all the tricks are really really amazing and absolutely new and trust me you will surely like it so without wasting any time.

let’s start the video subscribe to our youtube channel and press the bell icon and do not miss any technical video every day now if you are a whatsapp user this trick the first trick which i’m gonna tell you that will really really help you with this trick you don’t need to open your whatsapp account simply without opening your whatsapp account you can able to send the message to anyone.

let me show you simply you have to do one thing you have to hold your home button down and your google assistant will get activated like this and then you can leave this one and then you have to say like this send message to sanghani on whatsapp got it.

what’s the message now you see this one now it is ready right now to send the message to sanghani oh now this message is getting typed on the bottom as well and then i can able to send it serious that’s a message yes please send the message sending your message see this this message has been sent on.

whatsapp i did not open my whatsapp and the message has also received air on my other phone see this this is the message which i have received on whatsapp so with this trick you don’t need to open your whatsapp account without opening your whatsapp you can send the message to anyone and your last scene will also never get changed on whatsapp.

so you can try this trick as well that is really really amazing now let’s talk about the second trick and the second trick is also really amazing with this trick you have to go to the google chrome first of all and in google chrome you have to look for a website it’s called .

yes this is amazing website what exactly this will do for you let’s suppose you want to share your phone number to anyone and you are in a group you don’t want to give your phone number to everybody so you can create a link for your phone number and share it on whatsapp for that you have to just come on to this website and here you have to click on this create a whatsapp link and then it will ask you to put your phone number simply you have to enter your phone number.

i’m gonna enter the number here and then you can also add any message as well and then you can click on this generate my whatsapp link the moment you click on this one it will give you a link here and the qr code as well the qr code you can take a printout of this one or you can take a screenshot of this one and share.

it to anyone or you can simply just hold this one down on the top and copy the link address and paste this link here and it will be sent like this so you can also try this trick create a link of your phone number and send it to anyone this brick is also really really amazing now let’s talk about the third trick and that is really really important and very very useful as well let me show you how simply you have to go to your whatsapp account here and let’s suppose.

if i’m sending any message to my friend like this but i’m not getting the blue ticks you see this one my friend is reading all my messages my whatsapp is open there but still i’m not getting the bluetechs this might also happen with you as well when you send messages to your friend you are not getting the blueticks on your messages.

so that point of time how will you come to know that your friend is reading your messages or not simply you have to do one thing here simply you have to hold the speaker phone down like this only for five seconds you have to hold it down you don’t need to speak anything you don’t need to do anything just leave it like this and when your friend will start listening to this wise note like this.

you will be getting the blue dick see this here i got the blue ticks here the moment my friends start listening to this voice not now here you got the blueticks on your voice not that means your friend was also reading your previous messages as well but he was not replying to you.

so whenever you are not getting the blue ticks you can try this trick as well so all these tricks of whatsapp are really really amazing and absolutely new i hope you like all of them do let me know in the comment box which one you like most any question related to this simply comment below and we will surely get back to you thank you thank you very much bye.

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