New Tips & Tricks for WhatsApp User

Hello, friends welcome to our youtube channel crazy video and in this video, i have two amazing applications for WhatsApp users if you also use WhatsApp on your phone then these two applications you don’t want to miss and I’m gonna tell you how this application works so without wasting any time.

let’s start the video subscribe to our youtube channel and press the bell icon and do not miss any technical video every day now the first application in my list for WhatsApp user is that’s a chat chart WhatsApp analyzer for chat statics yes that is a really really amazing application and you will get surprised when i’ll tell you how this application work simply just click on open and.

open this application and it will be come up like this so this is the interface which you will be getting of this application now basically this application has two main feature the first is you can able to send the messages to anyone without saving his number on whatsapp from here simply enter the name and the message and then you can able to send it but the.

best feature which i really like for that you have to click on this open whatsapp and then your whatsapp will open up then you have to select any of the chats so let’s suppose if i select this chat here and then i have to click on the three lines on the right side of the top click on the more click on this export chat and then click on this without media and then i will be getting some options on the bottom i have to click on this chat chart that’s it the moment.

i click on this one it will automatically analyze whatsapp chat and it will give me the static data of this whatsapp chat and that will be really really amazing it will hardly take few seconds and let me know you see this one it is ready right now this is the chat summary of this whatsapp chat which i have selected here these are the messages that’s 3257 messages being sent and 12 173 words are there and these are the letters emojis links deleted messages everything.

i got it and not only this the messages you see this one these are the messages which is being sent by me and these are the words letters and average letters and you see this one these are the top words which is being used in this chat as well these all are the normal top words which is being used and not only the whatsapp chat you can also analyze the chat offer any group as well and this whatsapp chat can also be analyzed see this one these are the messages these are the numbers and these are the messages which is being sent in the group by these numbers see this.

these are the words and the letters everything you will be getting within few seconds right in front of you and that is really really amazing i must say that if you are a whatsapp user you should try this application at least once link you will be getting in the description now let’s talk about the second application and the second application in my list is that is posit yes simply just click on this open and open this application and it will be come up like this now first of all.

let me tell you basically what exactly this application gonna do most of the time you have seen that if you are busy but you keep getting the messages on your whatsapp you won’t be able to block them but you cannot turn off your internet as well that point of time you can simply just open this application click on this deposit the moment you click on this positive you will be getting this option you can click on this activate app.

and and it will get activated on your phone and you can see this whatsapp is not having the internet right now you can use your internet your whatsapp is turned off right now there is no message coming in on your whatsapp let me try this application i’m sending a message from this whatsapp on my i’m sending a message here no message has received on this phone here if i open this application again and turn off this application.

and then i try to send the message to anyone see this the message has been come now see this these are the messages which i just received here so this application is really really amazing then try this application pause it that will really really helps you so link of both the application you will be finding in the description you can check it from there any question simply comment below we will surely get back to you thank you thank you very much bye.

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