iTiny And Never Uninstall Apps Applications Review

Hello, friends welcome to all of you to channel crazy video and in this video, I have 2 amazing applications for you and for the application all very very useful and I’m sure you actually like it because these are probably unique so what is the application how you can use it without wasting any time let’s stop the video subscribe to our YouTube channel and press the bell icon and. 

Now the first application in my list is that is a tiny yes this is an amazing application and if you have this application in your phone you don’t require you to be don’t require what’s app Facebook any application you don’t require in your form if you have this one.

I’ll tell you why simply just open this application and when you open it it would cost you to click on this next on the bottom and click on start first of all you have to select your country.

I’m gonna select my gun but it’s India and it was taken some time to process this one and once it would be done you can come out of this one and you will be teaching on this page.

nowhere what exactly this application going to do on this application you would be getting all the social media applications on this application so this deal allowed applications you will be getting in there this telegram that’s how we keep media freak or 3 K.

YouTube Facebook Twitter Instagram everything you would be getting in there now not only this when you click on this one on the top and you will be getting these getting easier you can click on this email and all your email and you will also get it there this application is absolutely secure and safe you don’t need to worry about it.

you can simply just whatever you need to open your email you have been going to this application and pick on this email and it will automatically open up your email in a browser because every application has a website as well and it will automatically open up your email in your browser this was like this it is it is open right.

now I just need to log in here and I can able to use it in the same way you can also select all these get the grease and everything you will be getting in there on this application now not only this let’s suppose if I click on this you do I would be teaching on you too with my account and all the YouTube videos.

I can able to see on this application it is there’s a lot of videos I can able to seat on this application I don’t need to install YouTube Facebook anything only one application can do all this work this application is the best application if you don’t have.

so much of space in your phone then you can try this application because instead of having all these social. Media an old application your phone keep this application in your phone and you can able to use it but they sold prices application link you would be getting in the description.

now let’s talk about the second application and the second application in my list is that is never uninstalled apps face off yes this is also an amazing application open this application and it would become up like this again if you have the situation go don’t have much space in your phone then you can write this application as this application can compress any application from 72 and we do. 

And the same application you can able to use on your phone you don’t need to uninstall that one now you can click on this get started here on the bottom and then it will automatically check your form and then click on the scan it will automatically scan your phone and.

let you know how much space can be saved in your phone by compressing the old application in your phone which is very very important as well because if you want if you have somebody on videos on your phone.

if you have photos you must not have the space in your phone then you can compress the application and the grief this size is what sees 4 GB data can be seen on this application after doing this compressed it is all the application can be compressed just.

I have to click on this compressed his application and if we get compressed on my phone that’s right in any one of them I’m gonna compress this first one that says if you live in children’s I’m gonna get on this one and then click on this selected applicant is being compressing right.

now will take some time to get it compressed on your phone and then it will be done and your phone will have so much of space to this it has been done right now how do you take 2 seconds and here I can click on this one to be compressed application and this is the applications it is this is the application which is being compressed air.

I not only this you can also uncompressed application let alone if it is not working what if you have any issues with that you can also uncompressed by clicking on that application so this application is really really amazing you can use the space in uniform Mike compressing old application in your phone.

I will be putting the link all boiled up the occasion in the description you can take it from there any question related to these applications simply comment below and eventually get back to you thank you thank you, very much bye-bye.

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