How to Translate Any Word or Songs into Text or In Your Language with One Click

Hello, friends welcome to our youtube channel crazy video and in this video, I have 2 amazing applications for you and for that position everybody needs in their life do you actually like more documentation so without wasting time let’s start W. W. to channel and press the bell I couldn’t. 

The video isn’t it now let’s talk about the first application in my list is not a technician and prostitution and yes this is an amazing application and very very useful in your daily lives let me just open this application.

I let me show you how this application works for you now when you open this application it would become like this first of all let me tell you what exactly this application going to do for you sometimes we have to produce some kind of songs anything wise or anything.

we don’t have any option to put on them that’s a whole different have a song that you want to proceed into your native language you cannot do that so with this application you can able to do that not only you can able to classical songs in the water you can also record anything with this icon and Afrikaans leaders immediately and you’ll never do that for you I’m not a car something here and.

I’m going to ask you to do things in my native language hello what are you doing when you when you come back to my home this is what I have on there now I’m going to stop this one and then go back to this application here and.

let’s see how this application properly look for me so this is a recording you can see this one on the top I click on this one and here I got an option here. Everything so simply click on this one here click on his translator and then click on this conforms and then you have to choose the language.

so I’m gonna do my native language here which is in the and then click on this policy and then it will automatically in my why is into my words yes it will everything we get plastered here you see this transaction reserve here I got it here I click on this one now you see this one this is everything is written here.

which I have spoken and I also voted if I hear that also good translated into my native language so you can profit anything whether it is being spoken whether diss song women who have spoken right now anything you want to do this with this application this application to do this application in very very useful for everyone.

I must say that you should try this application at least one link you will be getting a description now let’s talk about the second application and the second application is also in the same category and the name of the application is costly on screen this is a different application from the fourth one yes let me just.

open this application let me show you how this application for you so when you open this one come up like this this is the interface you have to just allow submission of this application and now you can able to translate anything whatever you did on your screen.

I will do it for you let me show you how this one will simply have to tone it off from the top and then go to the sitting first of all and allow this application the pollution and then come back out on and on good grief the moment to click on this one the green one between giving and I could hear that’s a problem.

I could let you log in on your screen but before you use this one you have to send the languages here someone selected English to Hindi and now I have a selected this one here now I come out of this one my work is done on my this application now that’s a good I’m on this website and everything is written on this website it is in English so I wonder profligate.

 So what I need to do I just have this one here which I want to do promptly and then I have to press this button and then drag it from here. Which I wanted. This one so and then leave it on Monday leave this one it will translate everything whatever is written in there I get it was deleted in my native language.

it is this is an English and this is in in the I can able to understand what is going on in there so this is very very easy to use as well this is very very useful as well you have to have this application in your phone that would help you to change every language into your native language and that really really really amazing troubled applications are really amazing.

I was putting the link in the description you can take it from there any question related to this simply comment below and would surely get back to you thank you very much bye-bye.

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