How to Secret your Data & to do Safe Chat with Your Girlfriend

Hello, friends welcome to our youtube channel crazy video and in this video, I have two amazing applications for you which are going to be very very amazing, and life-saving applications so I’m gonna tell you what are these so without wasting any time.

Let’s start the video subscribe to our youtube channel and press the bell icon and do not miss any technical video every day now the first application in my list is that is fake screen yes let me just open this one now this is the interface which you will be getting.

When you open this application you can click on this next and click on this start now the moment you click on this start you will be getting a panel on your phone screen.

Now let’s suppose if I’m chatting with my friend and your girlfriend try to see to whom you’re chatting right now so what exactly you can do you can simply just scroll this panel on the right side and your screen will get black totally black no one can able to see what exactly you are doing on your screen.

And you can just scroll it on the left side it will be visible and you can able to chat with him in this way nobody can able to see to whom you are chatting with on WhatsApp I have a trick here with this application what exactly you need to do simply just go to this application you can click on this.

Next here before you click on this start what exactly you need to do you have to just go to google chrome you have to type here sports news and then you have to select any of the pages which has news about sports or anything and then I take a screenshot of this page like this now it is being done now you can come back to this application.

Here click on this gallery now and click on this album and select that screenshot which you have just taken it’s this one you have taken this screenshot and then you can click on this start and then your panel will come back again here.

Now let’s suppose if you’re chatting with your girlfriend hi hello and your girlfriend comes in from behind and try to see this one you can just change this panel news page and your girlfriend will think that you’re checking the news you’re not on WhatsApp you’re not chatting with someone if you make it black.

She gets suspicious she will ask you what exactly you were doing when she goes you can make it visible and you can able to chat with anyone so this application is really really amazing you should try this one link you will be getting in the description.

Now let’s talk about the second application and the second application my list contacts to pdf yes simply click on this open and open this application allow all the permission now what exactly this will do.

Let’s suppose you lost your phone and the moment you lost your phone you will also lose all your contact numbers as well so you should have to have a backup of contact numbers in your email in your WhatsApp anywhere so that you can able to open it and check everything again so for that simply you have to come here.

And click on this pdf and give a name to your contact this is the contact names and click on ok and it will hardly take a few seconds automatically create a pdf of your contact numbers which are there in your phone see this these all are my contact number in my phone and I can able to check.

Whenever I need all this contact even if I lost my phone even if I do not have my phone I can still able to check my phone number and contact anyone at any point time you can able to send this one to your email to your WhatsApp anywhere where you can able to save all these contacts forever in your email as well.

So i would suggest you should try this one as well which is very important it will hardly take few seconds to make it done so both the applications are really amazing you should try both of them link up both the application you will be getting in the description check it from there any questions simply comment below and we will surely get back to you thank you very much bye.

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