How To Prank With Your Friends Using Apps

Hello, friends welcome to our YouTube channel crazy video and in this with you, I have 2 amazing applications which you can use with your kids with your family or you can also be friends with your girlfriend with anyone, and these 2 applications are really really amazing so without wasting any time.

let’s start the video subscribe to our YouTube channel and pressed him for life and now the first application on my list is that is the face yes this is an amazing application let me just open this application and let me show you how this application properly will for you simply just click on get started here.

and then it will ask you to take a selfie or you can also upload a photo from the gallery I’m gonna take on this gallery and then select a photo from and then I click on confirm here and it will become like this now you can take on this cancer from the top and you will be teaching on this point.

now let me tell you what exactly this application going to do in this application you will be finding so many amazing seeing all different videos of different serials and what exactly this will do with J. the phase which you have added. 

The main character nowhere let me just try this one here simply click on this one here and it will automatically start the freezing with this particular cliff and here we go you see this one the freeze has been changing right now in the photo.

which I have uploaded they have taken the photo from there and the same connector see everything would be the same but the photo has been changed.

so this clip you can also make with any photos with your friends with your girlfriend with your family members anyone for no you can attach here and this application will automatically do that we look at your photo no matter the attach your photo here.

this is really really amazing and then after that, you’ve been able to download this one well you’ve been able to she added on what 7 seas look anywhere and they will get some price.

how you did that so this is really really popular nowadays you should try this one link you will be getting in the description now let’s talk about the second application and the second application in the same category it is one more.

yes, this is also an amazing obligation simply click on open and open this application and allow all the pollution to this application, and here again, it will ask you to add the 4 doors here so simply just add your 4 doors simply just add a photo from the gallery.

I have already and is this one here and then it will come up like this click on the start and then after that you can select any of the song here that’s a belief I selected the song here click on the W. here and what exactly does application gonna do this application will make you a 4 door and the selfie which you have to use.

and it will automatically start singing it will be normal for dole what starts singing with the song we do have added in this application and that looks really really amazing you can do it with your friends with your children and this person will start moving into this that wasn’t normal for dole but now it’s singing right now.

so this and that looks really really amazing and this kind of video you can also make it with any of the selfies on any of the 4 doors which you have overloaded on this application and then you lose it on you can able to save this one can you get able to she added on the whatsoever. Or you can also vote on the do you do as well.

so this is an amazing obligation to make any sell feel ready for those things and it will automatically do it for you so drivable that location what are really really amazing to prank with your friends I have already put the link in the description you can take it from there any portion simply comment below and we will surely get back to you thank you very much bye-bye.

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