How to Get All Your Old Photos Back in Your Phone with One Click

Hello, friends welcome to all of you to channel crazy video and in this video, I have 2 amazing and very useful applications for you and I’m sure you would surely like it’s sold but always to get it done let’s stop the video so I do owe you to 10 and then press the bell icon.

 And now the first application in my list is that is this bigger photo recalled this is an amazing replication simply just click on open and open this one not what exactly this will do for you with this application you can able to recover all the photos which you have lost from your phone doesn’t matter when did you lose it this application you’ve been able to recover all the photos from your phone.

I’m gonna show you how you’ve been able to do this simply have to click on this at the start the basics can allow all the pollution and it will automatically start scanning your form here on the bottom you can see this one and start becoming all the portals which you have lost in your cities these are not for the for those which were there in my form but I haven’t lost all of them well maybe.

I have read delete all of them from my phone but this application can able to go over all of them please I don’t have these photos in my phone but application get able to recover all the photos which were removed or deleted from my phone. 

So many for those out there in this application which is being shown here this is the best thing that if you have lost anything if you’re not finding any photos in the phone you just you have to go to this application and then you can able to record and to get these photos in your phone back.

you have to simply just click on this one here and then you have to click on this link over and then click on this first option and then shared this little o’neill what’s happening email or anywhere and then this photo we got to see when they go over to your phone and you can able to open and save it this is an amazing application.

but recover all the photos which you have lost from your phone surprises application link you will be getting in the description now let’s talk about the second application and the second application in my list is that is private screen shots yes simply click on this open and open this application and it would be come up like this,

this is the face of this application which you will be getting Hey are you have to click on this I can which is on the top of the screen click on this one and then click on the start now.

and there is an I can automatically comes on your screen this one today you’re going to drag this one on the left side on the middle or anywhere on your screen and it was I was there on your screen now let’s suppose if you want to take the screenshot of this page or any page on your phone to make it very easy for you to take the screenshot simply click on this one and the speech what would be. 

Now you feel here click on this one Steve Jordan’s been taken and if you’ll put anything here like what sap click on this one screen shot isn’t it now the general the screenshot what kind of speech short isn’t taken by this application you have to go back to this application again here at in the application you will be getting all the screenshots.

it is is a lot of the screenshot which I have just taken it with this application just by clicking on this one so this application is also really amazing take the screenshot of your phone the ones that are.

so many different ways to take the screenshot of different forms but if we have this application you can take any speech already easily off your phone you should buy this application as well that is really really amazing.

so for the application link I will be putting in the description you can take it from there any question related to this simply comment below and eventually get back to you thank you thank you very much bye bye.

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