Chat Stats for WhatsApp And Chat Bin Review

Hello friends welcome to our youtube channel crazy video and in this video, I have two amazing applications for WhatsApp users and with the first application you can able to get every single detail of any WhatsApp chat on your Whatsapp, yes and I’m gonna tell you how this will work so without wasting any time.

let’s start the video subscribe to our youtube channel and press the bell icon and do not miss any technical video every day now the first application in my list is is chat stat for WhatsApp yes simply just click on open and open this application and the best part is this application is very easy to use and you can able to get every single detail of any whatsapp chat of your whatsapp.

let me show you simply you have to go to your whatsapp first of all and you have to select any of the chat whose detail you want to know so i i click on this one here and then i have to click on this three lines which is on the right side of the top click on this more and then click on this export chat and then click on this without media and then on the bottom i will be getting some options here .

so i have to select this chat stat here and then the moment i click on this one i will be getting the chat statics of that whatsapp chat straight away just right in front of me everything whatever is being done on this chat with me and my friend i can able to see it here let me show you what exactly the things.

i got here see this this is the date on which we have chatted with each other and these are the messages total number of messages and the words and the letters everything i got it here and these are the user that’s a one and a notch seven thousand six hundred and thirteen words sent by me and five thousand nine hundred and seventy words sent by anuj.

so in the same way you can also get it every single thing see this emojis how many emojis i have sent how many emojis he has sent and on the bottom you can also get it what kind of emojis we have sent with to each other see these 30 images this the thumbs up one is 19 everything i can able to get it about any whatsapp chat not only this you can also get the every information of any whatsapp group as well.

in any whatsapp group simply have to click again again here click on this one click on export chat and click on without media and every detail you will be getting of any whatsapp group as well so this application is really really amazing you should try it right now in your whatsapp as well to get the inside information of any whatsapp chat and that is really really amazing.

so you should try this one link you will be getting in the description now let’s talk about the second application and the second application in my list is that is chat bin recover deleted chat yes this is also very very useful nowadays and very very important and very easy to use as well.

and you will get surprised to know the use of this one most of the time you have seen when your friend sent some messages to you but they delete those messages before you read it so if you have this application you can able to read those messages which has been deleted by your friend let me show you.

how here i’m gonna send some messages from this whatsapp on my this phone now you can see this one i have sent these messages these three messages hello i miss you and where are you now what i’m gonna do i’m gonna delete this message let’s say i miss you i’m gonna delete this one from delete for everyone like this see this it has been deleted now now this message is not there.

but i have already installed that application in this phone now i just go back to my whatsapp i see this one this message was not there see this it has been deleted now what i need to do to get this message here i just have to go to that application here and click on this message here and here we go see this this is the message which is being deleted by my friend but i can able to read this one.

here i can able to get it here all the emojis photos videos everything which is being deleted by my friend so this application is also very important you should have to have this one that’s a chat bin in your phone and you will never miss any message so try both the application both are very important link you will be getting in the description any questions simply comment below we will surely get back to you thank you thank you very much bye.

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