Best Applications to Change Your Voice During Your Call

Hello, friends welcome to our youtube channel crazy video and in this video, I have 2 amazing and crazy applications and I’m sure you would surely like it because this application you haven’t seen before so without wasting any time last on the video subscribe to our YouTube channel and press the bell icon and do not miss any.

 The first application in my list is that is magnified close magnifying glass with flashlight yes this is a unique application in the front of this application I’m going to surprise you let me just open this one and it could be come up like this you have to just allow submission to this application which is really important to make this application up.

and running now when you open this application it would become like this with this application you don’t need any magnifying glass to see any small or tiny thing anywhere simply just after installing this application on your phone and your phone will become a magnifying glass yes you can see this one this is the interface of this application.

now what I’m gonna do I have this book right now with me and on this book, there are some very small letter on there and we show you this one here so it is this one and I’m going to assume this one now to see what exactly is written on their service.

I have zoom this one and now I can able to see every single letter in a big way see this now these big zoom air and now there is one more option here this one you can click on this option as well and it would make your magnifying glass up to 4 times winning is what it is right now it isn’t so much of June that even we won’t be able to see the world as well if I come out of the zoom.

 It will look like this it is so this application making for a magnifying glass not only this you will also get a flashlight with this if there is no light in that particular area you can also use the flashlight with this as well so this application is really really amazing you should try this one.

if you want to make informed a magnifying glass legal this application you will be getting in the description of the second application and the second application in my list is that is just for laughs why should your app.

yes simply just open this application and allow some formation to this application with this application you can able to exchange a wise during your call now when you open this application it will become a like this with this application you can able to call anyone and during the call.

you can able to change the goal wise yes that would be a big drag and other parts of your friend your girlfriend we get surprised to listen to wise because you always will not be yours you can also change wisely to male to female and female to male as well or there is one wiser that is a bone you can also change it from here as well.

and during the call you can also change the background as well these are the amazing background which can also use during the call as well now let me just do one thing.

I’m just going to test this wise which is made to female if I’m calling anyone and I want the team I was a female so I’m gonna take on this desk here and then I have to speak anything I’m speaking anything right now. 

You can see this one. Whatever I speak. Speaking in the. Good ones. See this when I talk to anyone my own ways will also go like this and the other person will never come to know that who’s calling me now there is one more wise which is this one this is also one of the amazing voice if I test this one as well I click on this one and it will look like this. 

It is if I speak anything. My boys will go like this and that would be really really amazing. I was told to get team during the call and the other boys and will never come to know and you can able to prank with your friends with your girlfriend with anyone as well so these are the 2 applications.

I have right now for you I hope you like all of the legal hold applications I will be putting in the description you can take it from there any question related to this simply comment below and we will surely get back to you thank you very much bye-bye.

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