3 Very Popular Weird Android Applications

Hello, friends welcome to our youtube channel crazy video and in this video, I have three amazing and weird applications for you but these applications are very popular so I’m gonna tell you what these are so without wasting any time.

let’s start the video subscribe to our youtube channel and press the bell icon and do not miss any technical video every day now the first application in my list is that is binky yes this is an amazing application simply just click on open and open this application.

and here this application comes up like this on this application you will be getting infinite number of posts and you can do anything with these posts you can able to like them you can able to comment on them anything you can type here and comment on these things nothing matters trust me.

nothing matters you get able to see whatever you want to see here you can see this one these posts are there who is writing it who is commenting on this who is liking it whatever is going on nothing matters this application is really really amazing to pass your time there are.

so many of posts you will be getting just keep on watching and like them if you want to and comment them if you want to but it doesn’t matter so try this application now the second application in my list is that is nothing yes simply just open this application and this application does nothing yes when you open this application.

it will be come up like this it is this is the interface and there is nothing and if you go out of this one and try to search this application this is the icon of this application simply click on this one and it comes up like this again that is nothing nothing to do on this application totally weird application and trust me.

this application has more than 10 million downloads and not only this this application also have a pro version of nothing which also does more nothing so you can also try this application link you will be getting in the description.

now let’s talk about the third application which is smth early access yes you can simply click on open and open this application click on this game and click on next and then it’s ready now what exactly you need to do on this one this is totally weird.

i would suggest do not try this at your home you have to throw your phone like this and this application will let you know the area which your phone has covered yes let me just try this one here i’m just gonna throw this phone like this and this is the result see this.

i throw my phone in the air this is the space which my phone has covered but trust me do not try this there are you chances that your phone might get damaged as well.

so do it as your risk i would not suggest you to do this but this is totally weird you have to just throw it your phone in the air and then you have to check how far that phone goes and even i don’t know that is correct or not.

so this is also totally weird you can also play this game on this application which is smth early access so these are the three application i have right now for you which is totally weird link you will be getting in the description you can check it from there any questions simply comment below we will get back to you thank you thank you very much bye.

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